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About Longlive
Company Introduction
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Shandong Longlive Bio-Technology was set up in 2001 and got listed in Shenzhen Stock exchange market in 2011(Longlive Bio-Tech for short, Stock Code: 002604). Now Longlive is a group company covering productions of functional sugar, new energy, new materials, agricultural planting, functional food and acquired internet companies
Longlive Group has 6 subsidiaries and two sales offices including Shandong Longlive Ethanol Technology, Longlive Europe Holding Aps, Heilongjiang Longlive Bio-technology Co, Ltd.,, Shandong Ao’Long Agriculture Co, Ltd, , Beijing Zhaorong United Technology Co., Ltd, Xiamen Fast Cloud IT Co,, Ltd. Etc.
Longlive Biotech has grown up to be the national largest, market share ranking first XOS production enterprise. “XOS preparation from corncob by enzymatic extraction methods " and “Cellulose fuel ethanol project "were included in the "demonstration works of the national high technology industry”. Longlive was the first non grain 2G fuel ethanol producer and won the national -point fuel ethanol qualification.

The company's functional sugar, Cellulose Ethanol and lignin cover biology, new energy and new material industries that advocated during the national 12th Five Year Plan.

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